Mobile apps for Qualitative Research

Research and Mobile seem to be getting well along together.  With all the capabilities mobile has to offer and the need for the research industry to be faster and better in data gathering, this tandem can really pull off a trailblazing show. Thanks to mobile devices, qualitative research has now been given a new lease … Continue reading Mobile apps for Qualitative Research


AAWC Students Inspired to Participate with Clubs Festival Day

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC) hosted a Clubs Festival Day to advertise existing clubs to students and to provide the opportunity to promote new clubs. Representatives from each club discussed their main activities and displayed objects of interest to students who could sign up on the spot. The college clubs have always provided invaluable … Continue reading AAWC Students Inspired to Participate with Clubs Festival Day

The Flipped Classroom Models

What follows is an explanation of the Flipped Classroom Model, a model where the video lectures fall within a larger framework of learning activities. It provides a sequence of learning activities based on the learning theories and instructional models of Experiential Learning Cycles – and Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT Cycle of Instruction- The Flipped Classroom … Continue reading The Flipped Classroom Models

ESL and EFL Lesson Plans

Here are useful free ESL/EFL lesson plans. If you’ve got any other sites to recommend, please leave a comment below! lesson plans  – A nice variety of materials, and a worksheet generator. Teaching English – British Council’s well-developed site for teachers includes a nice range of lesson plans and activities. The Internet TESL Journal … Continue reading ESL and EFL Lesson Plans

20 reasons why every EFL student should have an iPad

  Students can study from interactive, content-rich, textbooks Teaching institutions (especially those where a large number of photocopies are made for students) can save a lot of paper Students can write reports with text, photos, and magazine-style rich formatting, thereby fully developing their multimodal communication skills Students can record themselves speaking, with video and audio, … Continue reading 20 reasons why every EFL student should have an iPad