PhD thesis – Investigating iPad Based Language Learning in the UAE Context


Tsoghik Grigoryan (2006). English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonymic Groups, Anania Shirakatsi University Press, Yerevan, Armenia

From the Editor
English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonymic Groups is intended for those who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge of spoken and written English and greater precision and variety in the use of English synonyms.
Language is made up of words and of the accepted ways of using these words in sentences. We learn words and expressions in the mother tongue by hearing them used, again and again, in infancy, and always in particular situations. We are strongly motivated because we have to communicate. Words may have numerous meanings and synonyms for many different situations. It is only when we have heard or seen a word repeatedly that we begin to know it. For foreign language there are other ways of identifying words. The choice and the use of the right word contribute to precision in meaning and variety in style utterly opposed to the monotony resulting from the indiscriminate use of hackneyed words or phrases.
The author has collected the groups of synonyms in English and Armenian and illustrated the English synonyms with examples from classical and modern literature. For many reasons, the problem of selecting synonyms for discussion has not been an easy one. The author has always tried to base her choice of key-words upon frequency of use and shade of style.
This book helps the reader recall synonyms that may have been forgotten or use the most appropriate word in each particular case. It is designed primarily for students, teachers, translators and those engaged in other kinds of literary work in English.
L. Khachatrya

English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonyms
English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonyms

Tsoghik Grigoryan (2004) The book comes only in hard copy. English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonyms. Bukinist Press, Yerevan, Armenia

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A UNIQUE DICTIONARY ON NEWS – | A1plus News from Armenia


Tsoghik Grigoryan (2006). Translation As A Language Learning Tool, American University of Armenia, 2006, Google books.


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Canadian Journal of Language Teaching
Canadian Journal of Language Teaching

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Cambridge Extra at the Linguist List – Tsoghik Grigoryan


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