Papers Presented

Researching the Effects of Modern TEFL Pedagogy on Language Learners’ Attitudes. Research Presentation, International Conference for Academic Disciplines, Universita Delgi Studi Catania, Sicily, Italy, 2017.

Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants in a Paperless Classroom. Research Presentation, Anglo-American Multidisciplinary Conference, University of London, London, England, 2014.

Ways of implementing iPads in EFL Mobile Classroom. Research presentation, International Journal of Arts and Science, Paris, France, 2013.

Transfer and Annotate with iPads. Pair presentation with L. Albardawil at The Fourth Annual Gulf Comparative Education Society Symposium, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, 2013.

Dropbox and iPad apps for Language Teaching Purposes. Pair presentation with L. Albardawil at TESOL Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2013.

Wiki Pages, Share Point and Word press in TEFL classroom. Group research presentation, Al Ain Men’s College of Higher Technology, AL Ain, United Arab Emirates, 2011.

How to Develop Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills Through Task Based Teaching. Research Presentation at Nizwa College of Higher Technology, Nizwa, Oman, 2009.

Translation as a Language Learning Tool. Poster presentation at TESOL Arabia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2008.

Teach English Through Educational Technology. Workshop done at the 2nd AELTA Conference, Embassy of Germany in Armenia and British Council,Yerevan, Armenia 2006.

Lost in Classroom Management: To be or not to be an EFL instructor. Presented at the 4th International Conference on Language Teaching, under the supervision of U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, British Councils in Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.  Tbilisi, Georgia, 2005

Engage me or enrage me: The importance of teacher PD and motivation in ESL classroom. Presented at AELTA Cross Boarders Conference on Language Teaching, Yerevan, Armenia, 2005.

Raising Learners’ Critical and Problem Solving Skills through Educational Technology. Presented at FYCA 5th Annual Conference on Language Teaching In Youth Organizations, Male, Belgium, 2004.

How to Teach Synonyms through Context. Workshop done at ISYC Conference on Language Development in Academic Youth Clubs, Brussels, Belgium, 2004.

Concordance lines: analyzing students’ academic writings. Presented at FYCA Annual conference on Language development, Moscow, Russia, 2004.

100 Common Errors Found in the Armenian EFL Classroom. Presented at Brusov Conference on Teaching English In Armenian Educational Institutions, Yerevan, Armenia, 2003.

The certificates are presented in the “Certificates” page


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