Internal & External Service

                                                        Internal Service list                                                            

  • Organized a school visit while teaching at Diploma Education_ Manor Hall School 2 day visit

It was a Library week and the library was open for public visits. I taught ENGL 1255 to Diploma Education students. With the help of the former supervisor Katrina Sinclair, I organized a school visit to Education Learning HUB and library. Two KG 2 groups visited AAWC for two consecutive days with their teachers and teacher assistants. Students prepared mini-lessons and practiced various learning activities with groups of children. After the visit, the students reflected on their experience through writing and presentations.

Two reflection papers and pictures of the day are attached for your consideration.

Find the evidence here Manor Hall School

  • Presented twice as a guest presenter in AAWC book club run by Hinda Hussain.

The first presentation was about ways of creating reading projects: “How to create a successful reading project” and the second presentation was about textbook evaluation: “How are the textbooks evaluated? Textbook evaluation and adoption practices.” The copies of Prezi presentation slides are attached to the file.

Find the evidence here Prezi 1,     Prezi 2

  • Volunteered to teach Summer Challenge program for 4 consecutive years with a duration of one month.

I taught mixed gender groups and groups of male students from 2010-2014. I also adapted teaching materials and made a collection of extra teaching resources for all the teachers teaching the summer challenge course in 2010, which then was used yearly for the program. The copy of the Extra teaching Materials for Summer Challenge 2010 is attached to the file.

The Evidence is a hard copy booklet presented with the 3 binders 

  • Conducted remediation classes with students who needed extra help

I had reading, writing and grammar remediation lessons since 2010. I met students in groups and practiced reading and writing skills, advised them on problematic areas, tutored and gave feedback, marked the extra homework and taught study skills. A sample remediation reading course is attached to the file.

Find the evidence here Remediation Reading

  • Volunteered to teach EMSAT for 3 weeks

I conducted EMSAT Prep sessions with 3 different groups of students for 3 weeks. I taught from Monday to Wednesday and administered a MOCK exam every Thursday. Then, I marked the tests and submitted the grades to the supervisor. A sample is attached to the file.

Find the evidence here Copy of EmSAT Prep class list

  • I volunteered to do item writing with a group of foundations teacher with Paul Barney.

I attended sessions he organized on campus and participated in team meetings, where we discussed ways of writing the grammar and vocabulary items. Then each of us received a set of tasks to complete within the set deadline. Those items then were used in final tests.

  • Presented at HCT conferences

I have presented for many times at HCT conferences and have received recognition for that. Sample Certificates are attached.

Find the evidence here 3 sample certificates-HCT

  • Ran a cooking club

I volunteered running a cooking club for two semesters. We did it with Zainab Al Hussaini. The college bought a stove, pots and pans and all the necessary equipment for cooking. We prepared salads, snacks, and dishes with the students for the first semester. During the second semester, we tried baking and making sweets.

  • Visited Al Ain Rehabilitation Center in Al Foah

I visited AL Ain Rehabilitation Center with Zainab Al Hussaini and a group of community service students by bus. We bought gifts and treats for Eid and distributed the gifts to special needs children. We spent some time playing and talking with them as well as with their teachers and shared experience and thoughts on how to deal with special needs students.


  • Volunteered to be a chaperon

I volunteered to be a chaperone and joined the trips for many times when a female teacher was needed. I traveled to Sharjah Museum, Sharjah Zoo, Dubai Mall, Art Center in Dubai, AL AIn Zoo, etc.

  • Helped to organize a trip to Global Village, Dubai

The trip was a reward for good behavior and high marks. Selected foundations students who showed high achievement in Math and English were invited to the trip. With a group of teachers, we took the progressing students to Dubai by bus and were with them at all times in Global Village. Students came up with presentations about their trip after we came back.

  • Helped out with charity shop

I donated to the charity shop that was run by community service students for many times and encouraged my students to do so. I organized small visits to the shop to help sell the goods. I brought in my students to see and donate, as well as write a project on how helping others make people happy.

  • Conducted peer observations

I often do peer observations with my colleagues. We visit each other’s class and observe our peers teaching. Prior to the visit, I meet my colleagues for pre-observation discussion and then we do a post-observation meetup. A sample of the pack is attached to the file.

Find the evidence here Peer observation sample

  • Volunteered to help sort out old IT equipment

I have volunteered to help out with supervising a group of community service students sorting out old IT equipment in the IT Lab on Monday, 09.10.17.

Find the evidence here IT equipment cleaning-email

IT day

  • Recycling paper and plastic

This week Foundation FND1016 B01 Students brought paper and plastic and placed them in corresponding boxes. Then, a truck from Emirates Environmental Technology Company arrived and took the boxes. Prior to this activity, the students read and researched the ways of recycling.


  • Cleaning the desert

I have expressed interest in joining the team of teachers and students to clean the desert. These were community service course students who volunteered to the event. With 3 teachers and 18 students we spent a couple of hours cleaning the desert near AL Ain on 08. 11.17. Students then had to come up with a presentation for the course.

Find the evidence here desert email

desert day

  • Al Ain Rehabilitation Center visit

On the 1st of November 2017 we visited Al Ain Rehabilitation Center to spend 2 hours with the special needs children. We took 16 students to the center. With Zainab Al Hussaini, who is their Community Service course teacher, we visited the center. A representative met us at the gate and escorted to the classrooms. We talked and played with the center students and distributed the gifts. It was a good experience for our students and for us too. The following week the students had to present a project for their course using their reflections and experience of the day.

Find the evidence here –  email

rehabilitation day




                                                                   External Service list                                                       

  • I did Ph.D. in Education, TESOL

While working at AAWC I entered the Ph.D. program at the British University in Dubai and received my Ph.D. in Education, TESOL in 2016. The hard copy (book) of the thesis is attached to the file and is published online. The hard copy can be found at the university library as well. The degree has been equalized by MOHESR.

 Find the evidence here Ph.D. MOHESR and Transcripts

  • Participated in overseas PDs (France, UK, Italy)

I participated in the international conference called “Euro-American Conference for Academic Discipline” held in Paris, France, April 8-11, 2013 and presented a research study entitled “Paperless Classroom and Modern Pedagogies” that I had conducted at AAWC.

Find the evidence here Paris – research presentation certificate

I presented at the international conference called “Anglo American Conference for Academic Disciplines” held in University of London, London, UK, Nov. 4-7, 2014 and presented a research study entitled “Digital Native and Digital Immigrant Teachers in EFL Classroom” that I had conducted at AAWC. The research manuscript went through double-blind review and got published in International Journal of Arts and Sciences. Vol. 8 (1), pp. 298-296.

Find the evidence here England -research presentation certificate

I presented at the international conference called “International Conference for Academic Disciplines” held in University of Catania, Sicily, Italy May 29-June 1, 2017 and presented a research study entitled “Researching the Effects of Modern TEFL Pedagogy on Language Learners’ Attitudes” that I had conducted at AAWC. The research manuscript went through the first stage of the double-blind review and is expected to be published in December 2017.

Find the evidence here Sicily- research presentation certificate

  • Researched and published articles in international refereed journals

I have published several articles in refereed and blind refereed international journals. All my articles have more than 4000 word-length. Copies of publications are attached to the file.

Find the evidence of my publications in the PUBLICATIONS of this web page

  • Reviewer for three journals

I constantly review manuscripts for the following journals: Arab World English Journal, Technology, Knowledge and Learning, TESL-EJ. Since the journals are double-blind, I can only attach to this file sample e-requests I receive from the Editors to review the articles. A special issue of a journal: AWEJ, where I reviewed and edited an article, and which published my details is also attached to the file.

Find the evidence here TKNK emails  TESL-EJ emails

  • Organized a workshop and presented in SQU

I organized a workshop called “Transfer and Annotate in Paperless Classroom” with my colleague Lana AlBardawil and presented at Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman, March 16-18, 2013. The booklet with the abstract is attached to the file.

Find the evidence here SQU journal page

  • Participated in local PDs

I have yearly presented at TESOL Arabia Conference and once did a pair presentation with my colleague from HCT.  I have also attended many sessions organized by British University in Dubai both as a presenter and a participant. A sample is attached to the file.

Find the evidence here TESOL 2TESOL 2Tesol 3

  • Applied for 2014 HCT Innovation and Applied Research Rewards

I applied for HCT Innovation and Applied Research Rewards and entered the category of Conference Paper Presentations, 09.09.2014. The certificate is attached.

Find the evidence here HCT -reward

  • Participated UNESCO Open Lectures Series

I attended 4-8 open seminars organized by Dr. Christina Gitsaki from Dec. 2011 – Apr. 2012. Certificates are attached.

Find the evidence here UNESCO2UNESCO2

  • Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Workplace

I completed a course at British University in Dubai in May 2015 on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Workplace and received a certificate. The certificate is attached to the file.

Find the evidence here Higher edu. and workplace certificate

  • Designed Prezi Presentations 

I researched and designed Prezi presentations about various aspects in the field of Education that I thought would be helpful for teachers and educators. I made it available for public use and shared with my colleagues. I also used them in different sessions, workshops, and conferences. Some of those presentations can be viewed in the “Prezi Presentations” page of this website.