Student-Specific Approach to Learning

Tips for Tutoring Adult Students Methods and Materials for Conversation and Writing Tutors (TEFL.Net) Eric H. Roth writes... How do you effectively teach English to a struggling private student? What will you actually do for 60-120 minutes together? How will you make the lessons meaningful enough that your client feels satisfied and wants to retain … Continue reading Student-Specific Approach to Learning


30hands: Create & Show What You Know 30hands: Create & Show What You Know

iPads for Learning Home The iPad Trial Learning with iPads Find Out More Educational Apps Contact Us Case Studies - EXPAND EDUCATION APPS COMMENTS0- EXPANDSUGGEST AN APP- EXPAND 30hands: Create & Show What You Know COLLABORATIVE/VISUALISING THINKING CREATIVITY/MULTIMEDIA Publisher 30hands Learning Inc App release date 23 February 2015 Review date 23 February 2015 Price Free … Continue reading 30hands: Create & Show What You Know 30hands: Create & Show What You Know

Mobile apps for Qualitative Research

Research and Mobile seem to be getting well along together.  With all the capabilities mobile has to offer and the need for the research industry to be faster and better in data gathering, this tandem can really pull off a trailblazing show. Thanks to mobile devices, qualitative research has now been given a new lease … Continue reading Mobile apps for Qualitative Research

For Teachers, Students and Parents

Class Dojo  Although the app foregoes the belt rankings you might find in more traditional dojo applications, it does allow you to easily award both merits and demerits based on classroom conduct to your class roster right from your iDevice or Android. Consequently, Class Dojo helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily … Continue reading For Teachers, Students and Parents

Free Education Apps for iPad

Finding apps isn’t difficult. Finding education apps is only a bit more challenging. Finding free education apps is also possible. Finding free education apps worth downloading is a different story entirely. The following is our list for the 55 best apps for learning we can find. Some are formal learning–math drilling and phonics, for example–while … Continue reading Free Education Apps for iPad