About Tsoghik Grigoryan

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Tsoghik Grigoryan received her B.A. degree with a ‘Distinction’ in Pedagogy and Linguistics from Anania Shirakatsi University, Republic of Armenia, in 2001. She then moved to Yerevan, where she entered  The American University of Armenia – University of California, Los Angeles and received Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate in 2002. After that, she continued her studies and received her M.A. degree from the same university in TEFL in 2004, with her dissertation entitled “Translation as a Language Learning Tool“, bilingual mixed-method quasi-experimental study, which looked at L1 use in L2 teaching in Armenian universities. Tsoghik studied full-time and recieved her PHD from The British University in Dubai – The University of Birmingham, in Education, TESOL, in 2016. The title of her thesis is “Investigating iPad Based Language Learning in the UAE Context.”

Tsoghik has 19 years of teaching experience in TEFL. She began her career from the secondary school of Sariar, Armenia, where she worked as an English teacher for 4 years while studying for her B.A. degree. After she published her first English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonyms (2002, Bukinist Press), she was offered to teach Theory of Translation in the department of Linguistics and Pedagogy at the Northern University of Armenia, where she worked as a lecturer and published various articles in local journals about bilingual education and language acquisition issues and challenges of EFL and ESL learners.

Then she joined The European Regional Institute of Information and Communication Technologies in Yerevan and taught English to EFL learners, as well as Methods and Course Design  for 4 years. After she defended her M.A. dissertation on translation and bilingualism in language learning, she published her second English-Armenian Dictionary of Synonymic Groups (2006, Anania Shirakatsi University Press), which is currently being used for academic reading and writing courses in the educational institutions of the country.  In 2006 Tsoghik joined Higher Colleges of Technology in Oman and taught English as well as academic reading and writing courses in Ibra College of Technology from 2006 to 2008. Then she moved to Nizwa College of Technology and worked for 2 years teaching at the Foundations department, as well as at the General Education and Early Education departments. In 2010, she joined Higher Colleges of Technology,  AAWC, in The United Arab Emirates, where she currently works as an English Faculty.

Tsoghik has various publications in academic journals and newsletters, but her most important ones are the two Dictionaries of English-Armenian Synonyms and Synonymic Groups, that she published in 2004, Bukinist Press and 2006, Anania Shirakatsi University Press, Yerevan.  She is an active member of International organizations, such as IJAS, AELTA, TESOL Arabia, and has participated and presented in numerous local and international conferences.  A strong advocate of hands-on, project-based learning, she involves her students in a variety of problem-solving activities that provide them with opportunities to use English. Her professional interests focus on communicative approaches to language teaching and use of digital educational technology in learning.

The CV is enclosed

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