Cover Letter & CV

 Tsoghik Grigoryan

Lecturer _ General Studies Program
Higher Colleges of Technology, AAWC                                                                                                          email:
Tel: 022063402
                                                                              Application for faculty promotion
                                                                                           Directive (24) 2017
                                                                                           Faculty Promotion Procedures (LP265.1)


Dear Application Review Staff,

Since I was a Foundations faculty during the HCT rank mapping process, I was not eligible for assistant professor’s rank even though I had Ph.D. in Education, TESOL, attested by MOHESR. At present, I teach at General Studies program and have MOHESR equivalencies of my Ph.D., MA and BA degrees. Therefore, I would like to apply for a promotion to Assistant Professor.

I carry with me a progressively responsible experience from various professional and leadership capacities. With 19 years of teaching experience in Education: TEFL and TESOL at colleges, institutes, and universities in different countries, as well as a number of publications and research done, I have a diverse background with much to offer.

I have received my Bachelor’s Degree in Education: Philology, Pedagogy and Linguistics (diploma with honors) from The Anania Shirakatsi University, Giumry, Armenia, in 2001. In the same year, I entered the American University of Armenia, which is the University of California and Los Angeles affiliated and graduated from C-TEFL in 2002. It took me two more years to get my Master’s Degree in Education, TEFL, in 2004 from the same university. In 2013 I started a full-time Ph.D. program at the British University in Dubai, UAE and received Ph.D. in Education, TESOL in 2016. All of my degree diplomas went through MOHESR equivalency procedures and got equalized.

In the field of Education, I started work in a local governmental school in Armenia, Gyumri, where I worked part-time for four years while a BA student since 1997. Then I taught two courses: Theory of Translation and Translation in TEFL in Yerevan Northern University. My next teaching experience was as an assistant professor in The European University of Information and Communication Technologies, Yerevan, Armenia, where I worked for 4 years and taught courses related to Teaching Methods, Course Design and Educational Technologies in Language Teaching. Looking for a new set of challenges overseas, I joined Higher Colleges of Technology in Sultanate of Oman in 2006 and taught various courses in Foundations and Academic Programs for 4 years. I took on the responsibility of Intermediate level Academic Coordinator, a responsibility I successfully carried out for 3 years. The next and the last change as of now was moving to the UAE in 2010 and working with HCT at AAWC. At AAWC I have taught all levels of proficiency in Foundations program. At AAWC, as well as at AAMC I have taught various courses in both: Department of Education and General Studies program. On the 4th of September, 2017 I received a transfer to the General Studies Program and hopefully will continue teaching and challenging myself with new courses offered by the program.

With a good record of professional and scholarly activity, I authored dictionaries, research articles, presented papers at local and international conferences and symposiums, and conducted workshops at national, regional and international forums. I published my first dictionary of English-Armenian Synonyms in 2002, Bukinist Press, Yerevan, Armenia. The book was discussed in social media as a “unique dictionary” since synonyms were presented in two languages: English and Armenian. With the cooperation of The Association of Armenian Scholars and Writers, I took another challenge of publishing the second Dictionary of English-Armenian Synonymic Groups, 2006, Anania Shirakatsi University Press, Yerevan, Armenia. This dictionary is currently used in Armenian educational institutions as a support material for academic English writing programs since the synonyms are used in context from American and English literature and presented in two languages. Besides books, I have authored several research articles in international refereed journals and became a reviewer for three journals: Arab World English Journal, TESL-EJ, and Technology, Knowledge and Learning (Springer). I am also a member of the following organizations:

  • International Journal of Arts and Science (IJAS)
  • Association for Development of Teaching, Education, and Learning
  • TESOL Arabia
  • British Council Armenia (BCA)
  • Association of English Language Teachers in Armenia (AELTA)
  • Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA)

Given the vast developments taking place at HCT, please see if my application fits within your development plans and promotion criteria.



Tsoghik Grigoryan


Please find attached my CV – CV Tsoghik.


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