A Smart Way For Classroom To Stay Well Read


iPad in the classroom.

There’s a reason both teachers and students love iPad. It enables endless opportunities to create hands-on, customizable learning experiences. Reach more students with apps and books geared to any level or subject. Develop your own interactive materials with iBooks Author. Organize and deliver your lessons with iTunes U. Discover a world of possibilities with iPad.

iBooks is stacked with materials to help you teach practically any subject. And because many books are created just for iPad, they’re not just great reads — they’re great interactive experiences.

Books they won’t want to put down.

iBooks has a massive selection of books for your class. Discover children’s books, classic novels, biographies, reference guides, and textbooks from major education publishers. And many of them are free. You can find curated collections, like standards-aligned books and Common Core edition textbooks. Even custom books created by other teachers. And with the iBooks app, your students can download books you selected directly onto iPad, so they always have access to a locker’s worth of textbooks — or even an entire library.

See the Common Core Text Exemplars collection

Textbooks that aren't so by the book.

Many textbooks from major education publishers are made specifically for iBooks, taking full advantage of the capabilities of iPad. Students can dive into a dynamic timeline about ancient Egypt, rotate a 3D red blood cell, or take an interactive chapter review quiz. If they don’t know the definition of a word, one tap pulls it up. They can highlight or underline text with the swipe of a finger, make quick notes, and create study cards to review later. Studying is an immersive, interactive experience that goes well beyond the words on the page.

Learn more about iBooks Textbooks

Create your own interactive learning materials.

With the free iBooks Author app for Mac, you can easily make Multi‑Touch books for iPad that let you teach your subject your way. It’s perfect for when you need to create materials tailored to your lesson and class level. Maybe you want to make leveled books for different students. Or you have a unique perspective on how to teach a topic. Start with built-in templates, then customize content by dragging and dropping everything in.

See books made by students and teachersLearn how to get started with iBooks Author


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