Do you want your class to be able to read an eBook together AND discuss and answer questions directly in the same space?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 5.54.27 PM Curriculet is a wonderful site that allows the teacher to get students actively engaged in reading because it’s interactive.  Use the novels that are already in the free Curriculet store, or upload your own reading materials.  Any PDF file can be used.

Once you have selected your reading material, click within the text to add annotations, multiple choice questions, or quizzes directly within the reading. Some curriculets have already been created and shared on the site.  You can use these curriculums that others have posted, edit existing curriculets to meet your needs, or create a new curriculet to share with your class.

This is a great reading site for any subject area!  You can even add PDF copies of presentations that you can then turn into your own curriculets.  What a great way to hold students accountable for reading comprehension.

Sign up for a free account and have students join your class.  It’s too easy to set up to not try it out!


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