Apps and Applications, animations and many more …

Want to keep going to make a visual narrative in your class?

Import the audio clip into an application that allows you to assemble images (and possibly video clips) to go along with the audio voiceover.

  • Option 1: use a video editing app (like iMovie, MovieMaker, or to assemble photos on a timeline so they accompany the voiceover. Export the final version as a video file.
  • Option 2: use a web-based digital story app, like Cowbird, PhotoPeach, or Narrable. Upload your photos, record or upload your audio, and publish on the site.

Sources for Visuals

The visual elements typically feature the storyteller, perhaps at different stages of life, but if you have concerns about privacy you may apply photo effects to somewhat disguise your identity. If you use photos of other people, make sure you have their permission to use the photos in a project meant for public viewing.

Apps & Approaches
Most comic apps give you a full range of characters and settings to choose from, so your main job is to script the dialogue and plan the layout for each panel. Some comic apps let you use your own images for a more customized effect.

A web-based cartoon animation app like GoAnimate also gives you a full range of characters and settings to choose from, as well as a series of automated voices to read the dialogue for your characters.

You can also make animations using physical world objects like paper cutouts or action figures. Using a new media app for capturing stop motion makes this process a lot easier than it once was.

Audio or Visual Essay
If you like the idea of the digital storytelling approach but would rather write a personal essay instead of a personal narrative, consider these two options. Both of them are primarily audio formats but could easily be adapted to include visuals.

Option 1: This I Believe: Follow the concept of a “This I Believe” essay made popular by public radio, which has the potential to move a topic in the direction of analysis or viewpoint.

Option 2: StoryCorps: Another variation comes in the form of StoryCorps style interviews, which focus on sharing personal experiences through dialogue.


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